Deliverables (PU)


JHEP has provided the following public Deliverables (PU):

D2.4 – Foresight study and technological capability report

Official documents: JHEP_D2.4_part1JHEP_D2.4_part2JHEP_D2.4_part3

D2.5 – Strategic Research Agenda

Official documentsJHEP_D2.5

D3.1 – Action Programme

Official documents: JHEP_D3.1

D3.3 – Report on analysis procedure for call launch

Official documents: JHEP_D3.3

D3.4 – Report on activities procedure for funding

Official documents: JHEP_D3.4

D3.5 – Report on procedure for project evaluation

Official documents: JHEP_D3.5

D3.6 – Report on testing launched calls

Official documents: JHEP_D3.6

D4.1 – Concept Paper Cultural Heritage JPI Partnership and the rest of Europe

Official documents: JHEP_D4.1

D4.2 – Concept Paper Cultural Heritage JPI Partnership and advanced economies

Official documents: JHEP_D4.2_ConceptPaperJHEP_D4.2_Annex1;JHEP_D4.2_Annex2

D4.3 – Concept Paper Cooperation to International Organizations and NGOs

Official documents: JHEP_D4.3_ConceptPaperJHEP_D4.3_Annex1JHEP_D4.3_Annex2aJHEP_D4.3_Annex2b

D4.4 – Concept Paper Conclusions for future Cultural Heritage Research Policy Making

Official documents: JHEP_D4.4

D5.1 – Report on methodology, definition of indicators

Official documents: JHEP_D5.1

D6.2 – Set up external web-based

Official documents: JHEP_D6.2


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