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Heritage Plus


Heritage Plus is an Era-Net plus action which supports the JPI CH by proposing concrete solutions for pooling national expertise and resources and establishing closer and robust collaboration among the participating States in the field of cultural heritage. The 60 month-Project involves 18 Programme Owners and Programme Managers all committed to participate with a budget for the Joint Call and resources for the coordination work. The Project started in October 2013.

The Heritage Plus action intends improving the coordination of national research and policies in the domain of cultural heritage. The main objective of the Heritage Plus proposal is to pool the necessary financial resources from the participating national programmes and the European Community and to launch a single Joint Call for Proposals for research projects in the cultural heritage field that will be evaluated and managed jointly by this JPI Members.

The Heritage Plus project is fully in line with the JPI CH as part of the implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda ( SRA) and of the Action Programme.
Consequently, the Heritage Plus call launched in 2013 was designed to fund transnational, interdisciplinary, innovative R&D projects focussed  on topics such as tangible cultural heritage, developing new methodologies, technologies and products for the assessment, protection and management of historical and modern arte-facts, buildings and sites, while not excluding interlinked aspects of digital and intangible heritage, following the interdisciplinary basic criteria on which the JPI CH SRA devolved.

This collaborative approach provides a better use of public resources, while the European Community contribution to the Joint Call budget stresses the high interest generated by this common action. Furthermore, the value added of Heritage Plus rests on its final outcome that is narrowing the gap between research and the implementation of the resulting knowledge to solve problems related to the assessment, protection and management of cultural heritage. This means that new innovative ideas which can be transferred to public and private stakeholders and exploited in high value tools applied over the short to mid-term (max 2 years from the end of the project) are prioritised.

Heritage Plus consists in 4 Work Packages:

  • WP1: Coordination and management
  • WP2: Preparation of the Joint Call
  • WP3: Implementation of the Joint Call
  • WP4: Project monitoring and impact assessment


Reserved area

For information on Heritage Plus Deliverables (PP) and other reserved documents please go to the Reserved area page.