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EC Projects


Since its beginning, the JPI CH has been implementing multiyear-projects within the European Commission Work Program Framework in support to this Partnership institutional activities. Three EC Projects have been developed: JHEP and Heritage Plus within FP7, and JHEP2 within H2020.

JHEP is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) referring to the FP7 theme of “Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology – Environment (including Climate Change)”. The main objectives of the proposal were (the Project is now concluded) the definition of a Strategic Research Agenda, of an Action Program, and the launch of a pilot call on cultural heritage research topics.

Heritage Plus is an ERA-Net Plus Project referring to the FP7 Cooperation Programme on Environment – Challenge 6.5. “Mobilizing environment knowledge for policy, industry and society”. Heritage Plus, still ongoing, mainly focuses on the organization of a joint call in order to support researchers in developing excellent knowledge in the field of cultural heritage.

JHEP2 is the latest project within H2020 third Pillar on “Societal challenges” and includes a number of tasks for implementing a proper alignment governance as well as a more effective monitoring of cultural heritage national programmes based on a series of selected indicators.