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International Conference on Built Cultural Heritage ( report)

The conference Citizens Involved offered an international exchange of best practices of participatory governance of cultural heritage. It presented real-life projects by speakers with first-hand experiences and coming from different backgrounds. The focus was mainly on built heritage, taking into account successful examples of participation in archaeology and the larger… continue reading →


Heritage at Risk: EU research and innovation for a more resilient Cultural Heritage

European Commission has included in the issue “*Heritage at Risk: EU research and innovation for a more resilient cultural heritage*” (below attached), within the publication RESEARCH*EU, the results archived by HERITAGE PLUS funded projects. The article *Cooperation key to tackling cultural heritage threats *recognizes the role played by the JPI… continue reading →



The ten JPIs has signed a joint declaration, *Driving research and innovation to address global challenges*, that summarises the JPIs’ views and ambitions for their future development and impact. The declaration was presented at the conference *10 Years Joint Programming– Achievements and the Way Forward*, that took place in Vienna… continue reading →