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Governing Board members


The Governing Board shall be responsible for the strategic orientation of this Joint Programming Initiative. It shall have overall responsibility for the operations and shall oversee the implementation of its activities.

In particular, the Governing Board shall:

  • modify and approve the draft Vision Document – the Vision Document is the basis for the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
  • modify and approve the draft SRA, after consultation with AB (Advisory Board)
  • building up an “à la carte” program in which several countries in variable geometry could participate voluntarily and on the basis of their political and financial commitment
  • report at the political level to participating states and inform at the European level the European Commission, GPC, CREST (ERAC) and other EU political bodies on the implementation of the JPI
  • assess applications of new members and decide or recommend changes in membership
  • approve the initiatives to amend the Governing structure of the JPI
  • adopt its rules of procedure
  • meet normally twice a year and at least once a year (although more meetings can be held if deemed necessary.)

   France ( Coordinator)

Bielorussia – Bandiera Belarus



Czech Republic



Risultati immagini per latvia bandiera Latvija








The Netherlands

 The United Kingdom