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Executive Board members



The Executive Board shall be responsible for the JPI management and for the implementation of the decision approved by the GB. It is composed by one technical representative from each Member State and Associated Country and it is chaired by the Coordinator.

In particular, the Executive Board shall:

  • draw up the Draft of the Vision Document (VD) and submit it to the GB for approval
  • draw up the Draft of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), with the support of the Scientific Committee (SC),  and submit it to the GB for approval
  • draw up, with the support of the Scientific Committee (SC), and approve the Action Programme (APr). The EB will consult the AB and will present the APr to GB
  • be responsible for implementing the SRA and the Action Programme (AP)
  • be responsible for monitoring the AP
  • ensure proper implementation of the GB decisions and monitor the follow-up
  • meet at least twice per year

The list is presented alphabetically by country.

France ( Coordinator)

Pascal LIEVAUX, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (MCC),

Bielorussia – Bandiera Belarus

Natallia YANKEVICH, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus,

Galina V. DERBINA, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus,


Hilde DE CLERCQ, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (Kik-Irpa),


Georgia PANTELIDE, Research Promotion Foundation,

Czech Republic

Miloš DRDÁCKÝ, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ITAM),


Ian DOYLE, The Heritage Council,


Cristina SABBIONI, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (Isac-Cnr),

Risultati immagini per latvia bandiera Latvija

Anda LAKE, Latvian Academy of Culture,


Jurgita STANISKYTE’, Vytautas Magnus University (VDU),


Sergius CIOCANU, Ministry of Culture of Moldova,


Tonte HEGARD, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment,


Iwona SZMELTER, Academy of Fine Arts,;



Monica ALEXANDRU, Ministry of Research and Innovation (MCI),


Ivan MURIN,  Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici ,




Jan TURTINEN, Swedish National Heritage Board,

The Netherlands

Kees SOMER, Cultural Heritage Agency,‎

  United Kingdom

Katherine WARREN, Arts and Humanities Research Council ,