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Steering Committee


The Steering Committee is the body that implements the decisions taken by the Governing Board, to which it is subordinated. It is accountable for all the activities of the JPI CH, their timely completion and the allocation of resources. It therefore plays a pivotal role in the JPI. A high degree
of coordination is expected between the Governing Board and the Steering Committee.

The roles and functions of the Steering Committee include:

  • To draft the guidelines for the elaboration of the strategic plan of activities for the
    implementation of the SRIA by the Governing Board.
  • To forward to the Governing Board the Steering Committee’s proposals on each of the
    matters submitted to it as well as all relevant information of the discussions held at the
    Steering Committee to enable the Governing Board to make fully informed and sound
  • To advise the Call Secretariat on the Terms of Reference and on the Guides for proposers
    for each call (including progress reporting).
  • To coordinate the implementation and follow-up of other Joint Activities.
  • To elaborate a three-year Financial Annex for the JPI CH (in connection with the supporting
  • To coordinate the programme research activities (calls for proposals), the assessment of the
    impact of the JPI, the training activities, and the dissemination of results.

The list of  Steering Committee members :

France ( Coordinator)

Pascal LIEVAUX, Ministère de la Culture (MC),

Bielorussia – Bandiera Belarus

Natallia YANKEVICH, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus,

Galina V. DERBINA, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus,


Helena CALVO DEL CASTILLO, Belgian Science Policy Office,

Maaike VANCAUWENBERGHE, Belgian Science Policy Office,

Nathalie VERNIMME, Onroerend Erfgoed,


Litsa KOUNTOURIDOU, Research and Innovation Foundation,

Stelios MATSENTIDIS, Research and Innovation Foundation,

Czech Republic

Miloš DRDÁCKÝ, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ITAM),


Ian DOYLE, The Heritage Council,



Risultati immagini per latvia bandiera Latvija

Anda LAKE, Latvian Academy of Culture,


Jurgita STANISKYTE’, Vytautas Magnus University (VDU),


Sergius CIOCANU, Ministry of Culture of Moldova,


Tonte HEGARD, Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment,


Paulina FLORJANOWICZ, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


Luisa IGREJA, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT),


Monica ALEXANDRU, Ministry of Research and Innovation (MCI),


Jan TURTINEN, Swedish National Heritage Board,

The Netherlands

Kees SOMER, Cultural Heritage Agency,‎

  United Kingdom

Katherine WARREN, Arts and Humanities Research Council ,