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Governance structure


In view of the JPI CH implementation the supporting Member States decided to adopt a governing structure with the following aims:

  • to activate the most suited combination of public research instruments, regional, national and/or European ones;
  • to monitor and evaluate the achievement of the objectives;
  • to report at the political level to Member States and Associated Countries, the GPC and the CREST.

The following three-layered governance structure is proposed with a Governing Board (GB), a Steering Committee (StC) and a number of Pillars and Task Forces (TF) as core implementation bodies. Their work will be supported by a Coordination Structure (CS) and the Advisory and Scientific Board (ASB) composed by the Scientific Group and the Advisory Group.

The work of the forementioned government bodies led to the definition of the following documents, that have be produced all along the implementation of the Joint Initiatives:

  • Vision Document (VD) – The VD is the basic strategic document containing the policy context, the objectives, the state of the art and early indications of broad research priorities. Already available, here.
  • Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) – The SRA is the strategic document that, starting from the visions described in the VD, captures the state of the art, outlines the priority research areas to be developed, the objectives, the outcomes and desired impacts, the types of intervention and resources available by country and sectors of intervention. The SRA is a tool for preparing the Action Programme (AP). Already available, here.
  • Action Programme (AP) – The AP is a programme designed to implement the SRA. The AP will be structured into lines of action in which projects submitted for funding can be allocated. Not yet available.