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European policy development

To develop joint foresight capabilities, through concerted research actions and policy coordination, in order to identify common gaps, which threaten cultural heritage sustainability.

European cohesion

To support the creation of a common action framework to reduce fragmentation of cultural heritage research while creating networks between centres that allow to exchange information on national programs.

Growing the European research community

To develop and apply new measures for assessing the carrying capacity of cultural heritage in dynamic and evolving conditions, and to support standardization in different sector branches, by addressing the significant scientific challenge of implementing new digital management systems.

Quality and leadership among research communities

To develop high quality and interdisciplinary research aimed at addressing the twin challenges of new cultural heritage assessment and management systems, as well as to encourage better collaboration between public and private sectors.

Human resource development

To develop structured programmes to underpin mobility and integration of new researchers and established researchers in academic, research and heritage institutions, SMEs and industry.


To develop new protocols for sharing existing regional research infrastructure.

International impact

To develop a strategy that involves major European personalities in promoting European research excellence outside the EU by raising public awareness of research.

Long term development of the Cultural Research Area

To identify converging areas of research activities within a management framework that reflects the complexity faced by heritage managers, and to promote the development of digital technologies.

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