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The general framework – Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs)

« Joint Programming » is a concept introduced by the European Commission in July 2008 as the core of the 10 Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) aimed at implementing the European Research Area (ERA). The concept intends to tackle a few current challenges that cannot be solved solely on the national level and allows Member States and Associated Countries to deal with critical issues through a joint transnatinal approach.

Objective of JPIs. To increase the value of relevant national and EU R&D and infrastructure investments by concerted and joint planning, implementation and evaluation of national research programmes.

Functioning principle of JPIs. Member States and Associated Countries are expected to coordinate national research activities, as well as the use of resources, benefit from complementarities and develop common research and innovation agendas, as a basis for long-term cooperation in order to face grand societal challenges.

More information on The website of the European Commission.


Objectives of the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage (JPI CH)

The main objective of JPI CH is to promote the safeguarding of cultural heritage in its broader meaning including tangible, intangible and digital assets. The strong relationship between cultural heritage, technological innovation and economic development allows for further considerations within the European framework of challenges and competitiveness. Social and regional cohesion, cultural and educational challenges are crucial aspects of the European Union development, and a number of economic, social and cultural instabilities are currently undermining local heritage, in a non homogeneous way, posing critical questions for the future.

The effort to inspire an in-depth and common understanding of what is cultural heritage, who owns it, who is responsible for it, and why it is so important in the developmental path of a country  goes on the same direction of the willingness of getting the European Union a region of integration on a knowledge- based economy model.

The JPI CH promotes a joint multidisciplinary approach to cultural heritage sustainability which arises from research. It develops within a multi-frame scenario called the Scientific Cultural Area – as a part of the European Research Area – which includes science, engineering, technology, art, literature, conservation and culture.  Supporting research activities and researcher training means reaffirming the European cultural identity as world wide ambassador of cultural heritage excellence.

Fore more information on JPI CH click on Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage.