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STRATEGIC RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENDA 2020 (SRIA): Final version of the updated JPI CH SRIA published


Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2020 builds on SRA 2014 and reflects the political, economic, sociocultural and technological changes that have occured in recent years. It capitalises on the increasing policy developments both within Europe and beyond which demonstrate the intrinsic and instrumental values of heritage.

Overarching research principles have been agreed which will underpin the future joint activities of the JPI CH. They reaffirm that the initiative promotes a holistic approach to cultural heritage and encourages collaborative, transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, innovative, basic and applied research, to meet societal challenges and contribute to sustainable development. Public participation and engagement should be at the heart of the joint activities, and education and training opportunities should be developed. SRIA 2020 aims to ensure that the JPI CH supports digital innovation within the heritage sector and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To meet future-orientated challenges, four Priority Areas were identified through consultation with the JPI CH’s Advisory and Scientific Board and National Consultation Panels:

  • A reflective heritage for a resilient society – this Priority Area focuses on cultural heritage as an empowering force and a collective good for society
  • Sustainable management of cultural heritage – this Priority Area focuses on participatory governance, the added value of cultural heritage and emerging technologies
  • Cultural heritage in a changing context – this Priority Area focuses on urban and rural development, globalisation, demographic change and tourism and will explore both the positive and the negative implications for cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage facing climate and environmental change – this Priority Area focuses on the impact of climate and environmental changes on cultural and natural heritage and how cultural and natural heritage could be as resource for Sustainable Development.

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