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European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards


The Europa Nostra Awards are granted annually to identify and promote best practices in the conservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, to stimulate the trans-frontier exchanges of knowledge and experience throughout Europe, to enhance public awareness and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage, and to encourage further excellent initiatives through the power of example.

Areas Covered:

–  Moveable heritage: collections or single works of art or objects of historic significance

– Architectural heritage: single buildings or groups of buildings in a rural or urban setting

– Building additions or alterations, or new building projects within historic areas in urban and rural settings

– Industrial and engineering heritage structures and sites

– Cultural landscapes, including historic urban environments or townscapes, city or town squares and streetscapes, historic parks and gardens, larger areas of designed landscape or of cultural, environmental and/or agricultural significance

– Archaeological sites, including underwater archaeology

– Intangible heritage


Outstanding research projects which lead to tangible effects in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in Europe in any of the above-mentioned areas.

Studies, digitisation projects, results of research and / or scientific publications which have been completed within the past three years (October 2016 – October 2019) may be submitted.

Note: If the study is preliminary research carried out before a now completed intervention, submit the entry as a Category Conservation project only.

During the editions 2020 and 2021 of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards, two ILUCIDARE Special Prizes per year will be awarded (one for cultural heritage-led innovation and one for cultural heritage-led diplomacy) as part of the Horizon 2020 project with the same name that promotes heritage as a resource for innovation and international cooperation. It aims to make heritage-led innovation and diplomacy in Europe an example for sustainable development and international cooperation through diverse collaborative actions.

The dedicated website of ILUCIDARE is

The winners of these prizes will be selected from among the submitted eligible entries to the four categories of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards. There will be no overlap of winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards and the winners of the ILUCIDARE Special Prizes.

CLOSING DATE : 1 October 2019

For more information follow the link below : European Heritage Awards/ Europa Nostra Awards website