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JPI CH institutional meetings, June 7th-8th, Rome


The GB and JHEP2 Steering Committee meetings took place at MiBACT headquarters in Rome last June (7th-8th). The meetings were the occasion to discuss about the future developments of the JPI CH also in relation to the last GPC meetings and the Evaluation Report on JPIs. This document represents an attempt to make the point of the progress achieved so far by the 10 JPIs along their way to the European Research Area. Even though one of the main conclusions of the EC Expert Group in charge of this evaluation was that it is still too early to make a comprehensive assessment, the document underlines some important features of the JPIs path that will be further improved, revised, and rethought in some cases. The GB had also the honor to host Professor Pierluigi Sacco from Harvard University, an economist and expert of culture and cultural heritage studies, who illustrates the current state of research in cultural heritage in the USA, as well as the concept underneath, the policies and institutional subjects to consider for further opportunities of collaboration.
The GB meeting was preceded by the Steering Committee of JHEP2, which focused on planning the next activities of the Project.