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GPC meetings, Brussels


The last GPC meetings held in Brussels on 29 April and 14 June were very important for understanding what the future of JPIs will be. In particular in the second one, the new Working Group (WG) of the GPC “GPC Working Group on the Long Term Strategy of Joint Programming” was presented. The WG will serve to advise the GPC on addressing the long-term recommendations included in the « Evaluation of Joint Programming to Address Grand Societal Challenges », take effective action in implementing those recommendations when requested and support the JPIs in developing and presenting their long term strategies and commitments, in particular in the context of the preparation of the next FP. This new WG activity will be based on three Working Packages.

Work Package 1: Framework for the Long Term Strategy of JPIs. It focuses on the preparation of a framework and guidelines for the content of the Long Term Strategy (eg state of play, achievements according to original objectives, intervention logic for future activities, planned activities and instruments, success criteria and objectives, financial and other commitments etc.) which will serve as a template for all JPIs.

Work Package 2: Proposal for JP in the WP 2018-2020. It aims at preparing an overall report for the consideration of GPC concerning the planned activities of the JPIs during the period 2018-2020, including support from H2020, as required.

Work Package 3: Proposal for JP in the next FP. Preparation of a synthesis report including: (a) the long-term strategies of the individual JPIs in relation to the next FP, based on the framework developed in the WP1, and (b) recommendations with respect to the role of Joint Programming for addressing the social challenges under the next FP.

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